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How to use Forestretch.

Pull the foreskin as far up the arms as you can and try to get the lip of the arms beneath the main point of constriction then gently extend the arm until you feel tension but no discomfort then lock the arms in place with the screw, it takes less than 1/4 of a turn to lock and unlock it. It is possible to wear the device for 2 or 3 hours at a time with no issues. Take your time with your project and you will get good long lasting results.

Please clean the device with wipes as this is the best method of preserving the structure and cleanliness of the device. Please under no circumstances use hot water, luke warm (65 degree max) at the most and dry the device immediately. Always try to store the device in its pouch, again this will preserve its structure and help it last for a long time. Forestretch is made from resins approved for skin contact applications so prolonged use is no problem.

We wish you luck in achieving your goals and we are here to offer advice based upon our own experiences so please don’t hesitate to contact us via this email address should you require any advice etc.