If you are suffering repeated fissures make sure to keep your foreskin clean and most importantly dry. The bacteria under your foreskin can and often does turn any residual urine into ammonia which will burn your foreskin.

As you progress using your Forestretch device you will find you have short term and long term gains. Use the immediate gain to retract and thoroughly clean and dry yourself.

Creams such as Betnovate can help with softening the skin but are generally prescription only so it may be worth asking your GP about them.

Think back to the natural history programmes showing various indigenous people using skin stretching to enhance their appearance. It takes time and persistent gentle stretching is used to gain the desired effect, your foreskin is no different. It will stretch, drop back to a slightly wider starting point then stretch again with the process repeating until you get where you want to be. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day so take your time!