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We understand that discussing things such as Phimosis with anyone can be difficult, we hope our discreet website, effective product and experience can help.
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Complications of phimosis or paraphimosis may include the following:
•    Recurrence
•    Posthitis
•    Necrosis and gangrene of the glans (penis may rot, Gangrene can be fatal)
•    Autoamputation (the head of the penis may self amputate)
Source - Medscape

NHS UK say there are three treatment options:
Continue to “wait and see” if the phimosis will go away on its own.
Use a steroid cream to help stretch the foreskin.
Have surgery to partially or completely remove the foreskin (circumcision).

Another treatment option is available, to stretch your foreskin use Forestretch, read on!


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Phimosis is an affliction that many men suffer with.


Phimosis is a condition where the foreskin is too tight to be pulled back over the head of the penis (glans) (source NHS UK)

When you are looking for a treatment for phimosis in adulthood there are a few options but finding one that will really work to help alleviate your phimosis symptoms can be difficult and expensive.  We tried everything from steroid creams to phimosis rings with no improvement in our condition so we designed a phimosis treatment device that does actually work-forestretch.

Forestretch features and what they mean for you.

Can be adjusted millimetre by millimetre, you are in control.

Has a measuring scale, see your progress as it happens.

Secure locking action, just lock and leave.

No rings or sticking plasters, locks in place and stays in place.

Lightweight only 37g, can be worn comfortably for hours.

Made from skin safe resin, no irritation.

Forestretch comes in a discreet presentation pouch so it can be carried with you allowing you to take any opportunity to insert the device and continue the progress. Simply insert the arms, pull them apart to where you feel tension in your foreskin then lock and leave. Note the starting point on the gauge and see the improvements as they happen.

Forestretch is priced to include all taxes and international postage costs (India, USA etc), it is strong and durable, uses skin friendly materials and will last a very long time.



Made from BASF Black Photopolymer Resin. This resin has passed both:Biocompatibility Cytotoxicity ISO 10993-5 and Skin Irritation and Sensitization ISO 10993-10

Firm Locking Screw, keeps Forestretch in place millimetre by millimetre

Lightweight, unobtrusive and comfortable

Sustained gentle pressure is the key, can be worn for hours

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